I’m an artist turned designer who strives to make meaningful work that solves problems and provokes thought. I started with a degree in Photography, but I’ve shifted more and more toward interaction design and technology based projects. Right now, I’m learning node.js and working on my first app, which I’ll announce early next year. I’m still doing freelance design work along the way, because I love working with people to make their ideas come to life.

I also love snuggling up with a good novel, making homemade challah bread, and hosting pitch-in dinner parties. I should warn you that I’m a professional dabbler, excited to get my hands on anything I haven’t tried before, whether coding in an unfamiliar language, crushing a new board game, or learning to ice skate in my twenties. As a perfectionist, wanting to master every new skill on my first try can be frustrating, but I’m learning how to learn with more humility. I’m enjoy spontaneous DIY projects, exploring, and deep questions, but most of all I am fulfilled by meeting people, hearing their stories, and connecting them with other people for new adventures. I live in downtown Indy with my husband and our rowdy retriever, Rusty. Most days, you can find us patrolling the neighborhood for squirrels between coding sessions. Or, drop me a line at hello@sylvalynn.com.